Game&Game World Championship(GNGWC) 2007 Tournament Takes Off

(Seoul, Korea 24th July, 2007) – The first global e-sports league for massively multiplayer online games starts its registration for the European and American tournaments.

GNGWC, (abbreviation for “Game&Game World Championship”), started registration for the European and American tournaments this week. Compared to last year’s event that ran three official games, GNGWC2007 will host six online games, which include:

  • Shot Online
  • Bomb ‘n Dash 
  • Silkroad Online 
  • Record of Lunia War
  • Navy Field 
  • Warrock 


Among these official games, Bomb ‘n Dash, SilkRoad online, and Navyfield have already been accommodating participants from as early as July 3rd.  On the other hand, Shot Online started registration July 23rd, and Record of Lunia War is going to take European tournament participation entries starting July 26th. Warrock, the latest game to start in the competition, will start its European registration August 8th.

The European online preliminary match will be the first official tournament of GNGWC2007. Bomb ‘n Dash, the preliminary game, will launch this global MMO eSports competition on August 1st .  Gamers who pass the European online preliminary match will be invited to the European final match held on August 23, at the Leipzig Game Conference in Leipzig, Germany. The Final match winners of each these official games will get a ticket for the Grand Finals scheduled to be held in Seoul, Korea on December 1st.

After the European final match, the GNGWC American, South East Asian, Korean, and Japanese matches are going to start, and the winners of each of these regions will be gathered together for the Grand Final match in Seoul, Korea. The winners of this final match will receive the following awards, $5000 for 1st place, $3,000 for 2nd place, and $1,000 for 3rd place winner for each of the official games.

“Any gamers who are interested in this esports league can participate now.” said the representative of KIPA, the host of this game event “Record of Lunia War and Bomb ‘n Dash are quite new games, and you have more chances to be invited to the grand final even you start the game now”, he added.

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