Gamenetworks Announce the Open Beta of CTRacer

Gamenetworks confirms today that the open beta for CTRacer will start on August 21, 2009 [08:00 +9GMT]. CTRacer is one of the newest casual racing gamer ever for global market. CTRacer features an extensive list of unique racing cars which players can customize.  Players can customize each car’s appearance as well as modify its performance and color with different characteristics. There are many fun and challenging race tracks where players can master and compete with other drivers.
During the Open Beta period, players will experience handful of events in-stored for them. CTRacer will hold its first event ever; the Reckless OBT driving event. Where players have to team up with each other and race against the other players’ team. It’s freestyle, no holds-barred race.
Aside from that, the game will also conduct the CTRacer Grand Prix; it’s a classic, championship style of race where players can experience real racing at its best. A weekly and a monthly tournament for players to prove that they have what it takes to be number one.
Players can also spread their love for CTRacer by joining the CTR Ordinance # 1: Plug Me Baby, an offline contest wherein a player will post their selected line that promotes CTRacer in any social networking sites they belonged.
Lastly, CTRacer will hold the Guild Raising event. It’s for the like-minded players to come together and help each other with quests, territorial battles, and of course, races.

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