Gamepot: Japanese F2P publisher expands Gamepot USA

Gamepot, Inc., Tokyo, Japan, announces its launch of Gamepot USA, Inc., an expansion into the US and Global market.
Gamepot USA, Inc. will start conducting business in the USA and is now in the process of releasing its first title.
Gamepot, Inc., the headquarters of Gamepot USA, Inc., is located in Tokyo, Japan, and it became one of the leading ‘Free to Play’ online game publishers in Japan with 12 titles operating successfully.

The name “Gamepot” embodies a company which provides warm-hearted service to customers. The name symbolizes the warm feelings associated with a satisfying and warm feeling
like when you feel to taste soup of “pot”. Also, the collaboration of creative and innovative new games available to our customers
within this “pot” emphasizes the meaning behind “Gamepot”.

Gamepot USA, Inc. is launching its corporate site on March 25, 2009, and will be introducing fun new games with warm-hearted customer service.

This was the key factor for success in Japan, and will be the key to success in the US and with the start of the US office, Gamepot, Inc. is going to expand more global partnership with overseas online game companies more actively and more strategically.

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