Gamers from 80 countries hailed for the advent of new action online role playing game

Seoul, Korea – 30,000 gamers from 80 countries were engaged by advent of action online role playing game “Record of Lunia War”.

allm Corp, the developer of the online game “Record of Lunia War”, announced today that they successfully completed their closed beta test for the action role playing game “Record of Lunia War(” on May 30th .

The test, which had begun at 9th May under the “Global Service Platform” (, attracted users from 80 countries across the world, and drew a total of 30,000 gamers during the three-week testing period. Testers enjoyed three key modes in the new game system –Episode one & two, the Tutorial Mode, and the PvP Mode.

A large number of users came from the United States, Canada, Singapore, Germany and Brazil. The user base spreads across North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America reflects world gamers’ keen interest in this new online game genre. Even with their firsthand experience, global users already began to create fan sites for the , and expectations of coming open service continue to grow.

Being RPG, Lunia allows gamers to enjoy on growing their own characters. Unlike most MMORPGs whose attack or skill systems are repetitious clicks of mouse button or some keys, in Lunia users can manipulate an infinite set of airborne attacks and a series of magic strikes using variously different key combinations. Additionally, the cartoon rendering technique creates harmony between hand-drawn rich 2D background and dynamic 3D characters, which is an appeal to North American and European gamers preferring console and PC games.

“We certainly felt honored to see many world gamers during the global closed beta test, and we would like to thank them again for participating in testing,” said Kim Young-gook, chief executive director of allm, who heads the development division. “We expect more talks with users about our ” He added, “We plan to introduce more fun and upgrade contents for users in an open beta.”

“Record of Lunia War” is set for an open beta service in July this year. The company also plans to stabilize servers and upgrade content before the open test. For more detailed information about “Record of Lunia War”, visit newly designed and opened Global Web Site of “Record of Lunia War”,

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