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Harvest Moon Editorial

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I. Love. Harvest Moon. It’s so weird though because it’s a game about damn farming. I hate work in the yard, or on the farm. I’ve worked in a garden and done years and years of working outdoors. I hate it. It’s tedious, and it almost never feels worth it. But Harvest Moon? It…just feels right. It combines relationship building with farming, and it’s wonderful. It’s wholesome and entertaining. It feels like you really accomplish something, even in the smallest of tasks. And I feel that’s important. Not to mention I frankly love the publisher, Natsume [Serious Fun]. They released some of my favorite titles of all time, so that’s just another feather in their cap. I’m typically willing to give titles they release a fair shake. So when I saw in my email “Harvest Moon coming to mobile” I was elated! Excited! Then worried it would be a cash grab! That fear was at least, put to rest.

Harvest Moon 2

Harvest Moon: Lil’ Farmers is an activity playset on mobile/tablet for little kids. It’s being published by Rising Star Games in conjunction with the original publisher Natsume, so I’m really excited to see this come out. Not so much to play it [but let’s be honest; I’ll probably try it anyway] but to see how young children react to the Harvest Moon franchise, and if they have fun with it. Smoking companies want to “hook ’em while they’re young” and so do gaming! But this is designed to be an app that teaches and entertains, from a team that has made games for Paddington Bear, Postman Pat, and Bob the Builder [only really familiar with Paddington, but I’m old]. The best part? No micro-transactions/in-game purchases. It just has a baseline cost of like…3.99. That’s wonderful. So it’s inexpensive, it’s simple enough for a young child to play on their own, or with their parent/etc, to help develop verbal skills at the same time. Technology is a wonderful thing, and I’m pretty happy to see it being used to expand the minds of children, and with the Harvest Moon name attached.

New Harvest Moon when, though?


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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    Harvest Moon is one of the best games ever, and I will fight any man who says otherwise.

  • Quvadesgaming

    harvest moon <3