Games of Glory Weekend Thoughts:

Games of Glory weekend thoughts

Okay, so I spent some time with Games of Glory this weekend on PS4. Not as much time as I’d like, since the queue times were horrific but the game is incredibly fun anyway! It’s a pretty fast-paced game that gives me the MOBA style I enjoy, without spending twenty minutes farming minions. What is Games of Glory though? It’s a top-down action/shooter that feels like a MOBA and an arena kill-match too. Instead, I went melee’ and farmed bodies. It seems to me that melee is far more powerful than ranged right now; it’s easier to aim, which gives me a lot more damage than when I tried to twin-stick it up and shoot at things. But it’s a pretty easy game to get into, to learn characters, to get right into the heat of battle. However. . . The lag was pretty damn real. Were there NA servers at all? That I have no idea about, but it didn’t feel like it.  It felt like waiting for a match took longer than the actual match itself, though. I greatly enjoyed a number of the characters I could choose from, and how different they felt from each other. I also love the setting! It’s a sci-fi universe, and you are playing as a clone, which explains why you can die and respawn. I appreciate them taking the time to craft a reason for us to be fighting and dying like this.

Games of Glory weekend thoughts 2

The greatest issue I had was the wait, though. Waiting such long amounts of time to get into a match was frustrating, to say the least. Matchmaking didn’t seem all that fair either. I spent more time playing against bots or going into training than I did against players in my range. However, I do look forward to playing far more of it. It’s intense and exciting, and I don’t know how I’ll feel about playing it on my PC. I think this one will be more fun on console, with friends. There are things I’d like to see, though: Maybe actual game modes to pick from, or 2v2, 3v3, things like that. The 5v5 match took a nightmarish eternity most of the time. But it’s a really cool concept, where your goal is to be the ultimate badass in this grisly futuristic sport. I’m looking forward to more of Games of Glory though. I would also love to see more options for training mode. If I’m going to spend potential hours in it, I want to be able to pick from more clones and do tests to prepare for certain moves, shots or abilities. Games of Glory is fun, but it is still very much in development, but it’s on the fast-track to being a hit multiplayer game on PS4 and Steam.

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