Gamescom 2012 Day Two Roundup!

Gamescom 2012 Day 2 Roundup!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



You may have logged in to find a round up of day 2 from Gamescom only to discover there wasn’t one. Well that would be because I was busy slacking off and rubbing elbows with the good folks at Trion. I know! I should have been writing this article for you guys. But would you be able to say no to free drinks, free food, the best views in the city and on top of all that devs from your favorite games just standing around chatting? No way! I’ll include a couple of photos from the party throughout the article so keep your eyes open. Before I got to party though I put work in. A ton of it.



It was the last day the business center would be open and that meant any one on one time I was going to get had to be then. And while I could tell you all about them I’m not going to. Not yet at least. The games have been awesome, the presentations have been practiced in the mirror more times than people care to remember and the passion for the games they’re a part of is high. I’ve had personal time with everything from C9 to Warface. As my last day of meetings before I could begin enjoying the conference with everyone else I got to see the likes of Neverwinter and Age of Wulin. I won’t go into too much detail on them now, just enough to say they’re awesome.


What time I did get to spend on the floor yesterday was filled with insanely long lines for all the big titles. Well, all of them except Guild Wars 2 which wasn’t available to play.  The most popular of all the games seems to be League of Legends which has smartly avoided boxing people in and has a huge display for people to watch live matches on. Any hopes of ever reaching someone at Riot or the front of the crowd were crushed by the masses. We didn’t mind all that much though. Riot was on the same flight in, and we’re based in the same city. So I could see some studio harassment in the near future.


Something that Ardua failed to mention in the last roundup was the trouble with doors. Specifically what happens when you can’t get through a door fast enough after exiting an escalator. This happened at one of the main doors. A crowd of people had developed at the top, not enough people were getting through before more came. Eventually it was so full people had to start walking in place on the escalator. Thankfully someone thought to shut off the escalator before anyone got hurt. In another section of the convention center a door leading to the cosplay and indoor sports area was closed off for seemingly no reason. The escalator leading up to the door was stopped and the giant shutters came down over the door. It only lasted for a minute before it was open again but it certainly lead to a lot of confusion.


Despite the little hiccups this is shaping up to be a fantastic time. I can’t wait to get out on the floor and give some of the games a try.

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