Gaming Publisher Offers . . . Beer?

The Author does not condone underage drinking: Patience is a virtue!

Adults, hear ye hear ye!


You heard that right. Indie publisher “Octopus Tree”, creators of Goliath and Robot Arena III, are teaming up with “Dangerous Man Brewery Co.”, which I had never heard of until today; I had to re-read the email I received a couple of times to be quite honest. The beer is called “Goliath Experimental Double IPA”, which is a great name. The beer is supposed to be designed after the game it shares its name with, Octopus Tree is trying to bring quality games to the world, and on June 5th, they’re going to bring what sounds like a quality beer to the world. Here’s what I know about it:

  • Appearance: Rich gold, bordering on copper.
  • Aroma: Rich tropical overtones followed by stone fruits and finishing notes of citrus.
  • Flavor: Dominant notes of tropical fruit, with currents of stone fruits and citrus. The sturdy malt backbone provides a delicate counterpoint to the massive hop-forward presentation, which is both bracing and smooth.

It’s supposed to be the first use of Dangerous Man’s “TNT Hops”, and I don’t know what that is, but it sounds amazing. So what was my first query: So, are you guys going to send me some of this beer to try? I don’t really drink anymore, but I’m not going to pass up a gaming beer. If they do send me some, will me and Colton drink it for an episode/recording session of Bottom Tier? You bet your ass we will! I think it’s a bold move, and I really like the idea of a gaming developer pushing an idea towards a more adult audience. The games are something anyone can play and enjoy, and if you happen to be in Minnesota you should totally check this place out for me. Could the tried and true tradition of drinking games be coming back to us? I haven’t done any drinking games since my early 20s, for things like wrestling or fighting games to really make them exciting. I don’t know why they chose to create a beer to go with their game, but I do know it’s interesting. I can’t say if I like it or not, but I’m excited to find out! It’s definitely a creative way to bring attention to their product, and I salute them.

Whether it’s Soda or Alcohol, any shows or games you have drinking games for? If so sound off!

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