GetAmped 2 launches new website and events

GetAmped 2 launches new website and events


CyberStep Communications has announced that the landing page of their new online game GetAmped 2. This new MMO battle action game (based on GetAmped, also known as Splash Fighters) is now officially launched. You can receive ingame goodies in the GetAmped Starting Key Giveaway event, which is the special Opening Event of the game.

Great Weapon


About GetAmped 2
GetAmped 2 is an exciting and refreshing MMO battle action online game. Because of the simple control that is possible by a keyboard or a game controller and the various battle modes that you have never experienced, it is easy for beginners to play and enjoyable for expert players. GetAmped 2 is not just an action game but there is a whole new side to the game.
Let’s Log In Campaign!
As a special campaign for all users who start to play the game from 26th December (6:00pm PST), we are giving out “Crescent” that are used as game money of GetAmped2.
Just by logging in to the game during the period and you can receive the prize money according to the number of days you have logged in.

Pew Pew


Keep 3days logging in:  100 Crescent
Keep 3?5 days logging in:  300 Crescent
Keep 5days logging in: 500 Crescent
December 26th 2009 (6:00pm PST) to January 7th, 2010 (11:59 pm PST)

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