Global Agenda: beta signups begin!

Hi-Rez Studios announced today that players can now apply to participate in closed beta for Global Agenda, an action massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) scheduled for release in late 2009. The closed beta is anticipated to begin in the second quarter of ’09 and players can apply by visiting

Global Agenda, built using Unreal® Engine 3, is set in a near future world of advanced technology and player-driven conflict. It features fast-paced ranged and close combat, RPG-style character progression, solo or cooperative team missions, and epic, competitive campaigns between player-created agencies.

“Our alpha testing has gone very well – in terms of game stability and, most importantly, very positive feedback from an active alpha community”,
said Todd Harris, Executive Producer of Hi-Rez Studios. “Based on these results we are excited about aggressively growing the Global Agenda player community in Beta”

Features Intended for Closed Beta Include:

  • Develop your agent – Create, extensively customize, and improve your agent character over the course of your career, complimenting your FPS skills with RPG-style progression and high-tech gear.
  • Join with other agents – Engage in cooperative PvE missions to develop and refine your individual and team tactics
  • Advance your agency – Join a player-created agency, compete in technology races for advanced equipment, and capture critical locations to increase your influence in the world.
  • Compete in fast-paced PvP combat – Work with your allies to raid or capture enemy controlled facilities during objective-based missions. Equip yourself from a powerful array of weapons, armor, and strategic devices like triggered explosives, deployable turrets, stealth suits, holographic decoys, and remote control robots.
  • Experience a dynamic, player-driven world – Agency leaders navigate through a global conflict of other player-run groups, striving to reach their goals first. Territory, resources, technology, and influence are all valuable commodities, with agencies engaging in politics, intrigue, and outright deception to control them.
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