Global MapleStory Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary

Global MapleStory Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary


Today marks the Fifth Anniversary of Nexon America’s service of Global MapleStory in North America. MapleStory services more than six million players in North America and more than 95 million players worldwide. This past summer, MapleStory broke its own records by reaching 70,000 max concurrent users several times. For the past five years, players have enjoyed additions of several job classes, wondrous world servers, zones to explore, and fierce boss mobs to defeat. 


 Maple Story Anniversary


To celebrate five fantastic years of service, MapleStory will be having tons of events and giveaways.  Players can check out MapleStory’s celebration and join the fun!


When MapleStory first opened, players enjoyed the four classes, Warrior, Magician, Bowman, and Thief. The next addition was the Pirate class. The four original classes plus the Pirate class are known as the ‘Explorers.’ After the addition of the Pirate class, the Cygnus Knights were released, which offer five different job paths within themselves.  The ‘Hero’ classes, Aran and Dragon Master Evan were next to follow.  Players can now explore the Maple World as one of these characters, trying new jobs and learning new skills.


While new character classes were being added, new world servers were as well, to accommodate the growing player base. Starting off with just three world servers, Maple World has grown to a total of 11 in the past five years. The addition of these new worlds has opened up MapleStory for adventure and the creation of new friendships among players.


Countless zones have been added as new content in MapleStory, giving players the opportunity to explore and travel to new and exciting lands. Zones such as Ludibium, Helios Tower, and New Leaf City were added in the early years. More recently, Neo City, Kerning Square and Rien have been added to the MapleWorld.


Along with the new zones, new boss mobs have been introduced as new challenges for players to defeat. As players defeat these boss mobs, they are rewarded with item drops, EXP, Mesos (in game money), and quest items. The most notorious of these boss mobs is Pink Bean, a deceivingly cute, yet ferocious boss monster that is still undefeated since his introduction last year. 


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