Gloria Victis Introduces NPC Fights and Node Depletion

Gloria Victis Introduces NPC Fights and Node Depletion news header

Gloria Victis‘s latest update, v.0.5.5, introduces several new changes to make the gameplay experience more immersive.

The first major change is the introduction of fights between NPCs. Players will discover animals and people playing hunter and prey. Human factions will also battle each other, eventually waging wars on their own.

Resource nodes are no longer infinite, marking the second major change in Gloria Victis. Resources will deplete and be replaced with other resources, forcing players to constantly look for the best gathering areas.

Finally, changes have been made to the character selection menu, while work continues on the launcher and implementation of dynamic events.

Find out more with the changelog.

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  • JamesGoblin

    It looks quite nice, BUT I wonder whether they finally fixed the combat? It will make all the difference between meh/OK game and an excellent one.