Gods War: New Pet Artwork Unleashed with Client Update

With the release of version 1.0.237, the long-awaiting new pet system has been added! Download the game here!

After updating, GodsWar Online is getting some new faces, and whether they’re furry, cute, or fierce, the game will never be the same again. New skills, new abilities, and new critters make the recent changes to the pet system a major hit. For those who haven’t yet experienced the improvements first-hand, here’s a preview of what you can expect.


Pandas are mysterious creatures from the Far East. When combined with their owners, their damage absorption, magic damage (a fixed value), and reflexive damage are all increased. Luck is their savvy strength. In addition, their special Juggernaut skill allows them to recover HP with every successful attack, turning each hit into a boost to their survivability.

Flower Pixies

Flower Pixies are kind spirits whose special flower magic increases their owner’s magic attack power. The skill is only available to these agile pets, making them an ideal buffer for players who rely heavily upon magic.


Minotaurs are bull-like creatures that developed the ability to stand upright. Extremely powerful, they will tear at anything in their path with their vicious bite while also increasing their owner’s physical attack power. Surprisingly, wisdom is their savvy strength.

How to get a pet?

These pets can be captured in the wild or purchased in the item mall. The mall also has a wide variety of special items for pets, such as bells to call them on errands, bottles of gold apple juice to unlock many unlearned skills, and more. Pets can be as powerful as you want to make them.

What a pet can do for you?

Aside from leveling up, players can strengthen their pets’ skills through mergers, rebirths, or combining with their owners. Players can merge a deputy pet with a major pet to create a super pet, but the deputy will be sacrificed during the process. A pet can also be combined with its owner to enhance the owner’s abilities over a predetermined period of time. Pets are transferable, but it’s always a good idea to have some around to help fight enemies or run errands.

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