GodsWar Feature: Dual Class System

To choose a class is the first issue when people start the game. In GodsWar each class has its own characteristic progress with thorough occupational planning. In addition, there is also a dual-class system. Apart from the current class there is another optional class for players who still have spare energy. Or say two classes of skills focus in one character. Players can use these two classes in turn and they will complement each other.

In the previous text we have already talked about job transfers. In this section we will continue introducing the job transfer ability of the Dual Class system. With this system players can possess two classes simultaneously: Warriors and Mages. Players can transfer a job only when both classes of the character reach a certain level and get the required items for a job transfer. The Dual Class system endows players with the merits of both classes and makes a big difference when in use in the game.

1. Second job transfer for Dual Classes
Battle Mage: They can also fight targets in short distance and have multiple resistance compared with normal mages. They are called as scholars at war or Books in the fire.
Druid: They are close to nature and master all kinds of animal languages. Druids hold the secret of nature’s power.
Defender: They have supreme defense and an iron will. Usually, they are somewhat willful.
Guard: They are always alert to their surroundings and protecting their comrades-in-arms. It is said that in a Greek Phalanx, soldiers used their shield to defend the comrade-in-arms to his left.
2. Third job transfer for Dual Classes
Spellbinder: They are wise scholars, living on their eloquence. There are many spellbinders who are philosophers as well.
Thane: They have good balance in each attribute. They are competent as a leader in war.
Spellbreaker: They are highly immune to spells; they can even convert the power of spells into their own.
Ranger: They hide themselves in the woods or just keep wandering as a paladin. They are yearning for freedom. Nobody can impact their pursuit.

3. Fourth job transfer for Dual Classes
Soothsayer: They are scholars who can clearly review the past, the situation right now and predict future precisely. They are called prolocutors of deities.
Troubadour: They are travelers who love poems and travel around the Mediterranean. They are often called history’s witness.
Paladin: They are the combination of cavalier and cleric. They can both attack and defend well while fighting from a short distance. They can give hard blows to the target while actively protecting other members of the group.
Guardian: The best bodyguard in the team. With their help the team can focus on an attack or a retreat.

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