GodsWar Online: 2nd Alpha Test Begins at Weekend

IGG today announce that they would be holding a second Alpha Test for GodsWar Online which starts on Jan 9th, 2009.

GodsWar Online, the first MMORPG that IGG developed, will launch its second Alpha Test at 9:00pm January 8th EST (GMT-5) and the new client will be available on January 7th. Soon after that, activation codes will be given out, and players who joined the last Alpha Test can enter the game directly.

We will release a server called Atlanta. This server will be the place where players can enjoy the new version and events in advance. After the test, players’ data will not be deleted.

However, as it is an Alpha Test, we will make a few adjustments to any problematic data in the game. With a host of brand-new content, game version 1.85 will be adopted in this test.

In this version, we have improved the guild system and guild quests, added a suit system and beautified the special gear effects. We are sure this new content will make your GodsWar gaming experience even better. More details will be published later.

For the sake of the safety of players’ data and the best performance of the game, officials have decided to release the second Alpha Test, which means the Closed Beta will be delayed. Also, please remember that all data will be preserved this time.

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