GodsWar Online: Battlefield system Overview

Along with the development of GodsWar Online, more and more exciting content is constantly being added to the game. This time, the GodsWar Online team is going to introduce a brand-new Battlefield system.
Battlefield Backdrop
Resourceful and daring Spartan troops discovered an abundance of wood and rare mine resources in the Pindus Mountains when the GodsWar broke out. After exiling the residents, the Spartan troops began to harvest the wood, exploit the mines and set up camp. The resources of the Pindus Mountains offered a mighty backup for Spartan expansion.
Meanwhile, the Athenian forces were camped at the foot of the Pindus Mountains. The villagers exiled by the Spartans came out of the foothills and informed the Athenians of the Spartan invasion and requested them to free their homeland from the occupation. According to Athena’s wishes, the Athenians swore to seize the Pindus Mountains back and drive the Spartans away. A decisive battle has now begun!
Battle Information
1.      The battle will last for 45 minutes.
2.      Level 31-120 players from the two factions are eligible to enter the battlefield.
3.      Players can increase their faction’s point and their personal contribution by killing monsters and hostile players and submitting items.
4.      When the time is over, the faction with the highest point will be the winner.
5.      Each participant will receive Exp, Talent and Reputation, with the winning side winning more.
Battlefield Settings
1.        The battlefield is divided into the Athenian Area, the Spartan Area and a Neutral Area.
2.        If players slay monsters in their own area, they will earn points equivalent to 10% of a monster’s level. For example, 5 points will be given for killing a Level 50 monster.
3.        Players can obtain points equivalent to the monsters’ level in the Neutral Area. That is to say, 50 points will be obtained after killing a Level 50 monster.
4.        There is a Boss called the Pindus Dragon in the Neutral Area, and players will obtain 2000 points after killing it. It will respawn every five minutes.
5.        All monsters will drop Life Essence which can be exchanged for strong fighting force. The strong fighting force will last for 180 seconds.
6.        The Life Essence can also be exchanged for Holy Water. Players will obtain 30 points by turning in Holy Water at their own altar, and 200 points for turning it in at a hostile altar.
7.        Killing 1 hostile player will bring 5 points and 1 contribution to all team members.
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