GodsWar Online: Factions to Engage in a Battle of Faith

Grab your weapons and armor and get ready for an event pitting the two rival GodsWar Online factions against one another in a test of will. Today the Team go ahead to discuss A Battle of Faith.

The event is point-based, and the faction with the higher score wins. To score, players must penetrate the base of the opposing faction and reach a designated point within a specified time, but this test will require more than speed. Whichever side best executes their tactics to cycle their forces between both defense and offense will have the best chance to score. It will not be a battle for the timid. Every strong arm and steady hand will make a difference, whether in pressing the attack or holding the line.


  • 1. One minute before the scheduled event, game officials will teleport all players from Megara, Argolis, Plataea, Derveni, and Isthmus to their faction bases.
  • 2. To receive points, participants must start the event from either Paniza or Nemea and reach the designated location in the opposing faction’s base.
  • 3. Participants must score at least one point for their faction to receive a prize. Prizes will be determined by the performance of the faction as a whole, not by the efforts of each individual.


  • 1. Qualified players from the victorious faction will receive 4 Delicate Iron Box, 4 Classic Iron Box, 8 Iron Box Keys, and 4 Talent Stone 3.
  • 2. Qualified players from the defeated faction will receive 2 Delicate Iron Box, 2 Classic Iron Box, 4 Iron Box Keys, and 2 Talent Stone 3.

If you have never had the chance to take part in an all-server event, then you will not want to miss A Battle of Faith. Win or lose, there will be rewards for all who claim points for the greater glory of their faction. When the dust finally settles, will you stand proudly in victory, or hang your head in defeat? The choice is up to you.

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