GodsWar Online: Forging System Preview

There are now three methods of item creation: Forge Equipment, Material Compound and Equipment Compound. Below are the details about these three methods:

1. Material Compound
At present, only event items are usable for Material Compound. It is very easy to perform material compounding. Just start the compound after filling in enough materials, then wait for the process to finish.

Six Level 1 gems can be compounded into a Level 2 gem; six Level 2 gems can be compounded into a Level 3 gem… Gems include rubies, emeralds and sapphires. However, crystals cannot be compounded.

Forge Equipment
By using the “Forge Equipment” function, the player may increase the stats or level of gear by using gems. Gems can be gained from monsters, quests and the Item Mall.

Each type of gem is classified into three levels. Higher level gems grant a better chance to forge the equipment successfully. For example, a Level 1 Sapphire may increase the success rate of equipment forging to 25%. But a Level 2 Sapphire may make the success rate of equipment forging 50%. Additionally, the same gem grants a lower success rate when it is used to forge better equipment.

Crystals can be used to increase the change to forge equipment successfully. At most 25 crystals can be used at one time.
Rubies can be used to increase a gear’s level. For example, level 46 gear can be upgraded to level 58 when it is forged successfully using rubies.

Sapphires are used to augment gear stats displayed in white. By using Sapphires to forge equipment, players may improve a piece of Common gear into a piece of Solid, Delicate, Excellent or even Perfect gear.

Emeralds are used to augment the gear stats displayed in green. By using emeralds to forge equipment, the player may augment the gear’s stats displayed in green and increase the gear’s star level.

As shown in the picture above, all the related items should be placed in their specific slots to start performing equipment forging. Gems should be placed in the left slot. Crystals can be placed in the bottom slot to increase the success rate of the equipment forging. If the success rate is not 100%, the equipment forging has a chance to fail. If equipment forging fails, the source gear will remain but the gem and crystals for forging the equipment will vanish. If equipment forging succeeds, a piece of new gear will appear in the middle slot.

2. Equipment Compound
By contrast with the equipment forging, equipment compounding seems to be a bit more fun because the result of equipment compounding is much more difficult to predict. By using the equipment compounding function, players may gain cool equipable items just by using some poor items.

The source equipment used for equipment compounding should be placed in the top slot. The equipable items to be compounded should be placed in the other three slots. The source equipment in the top slot determines the type of equipment yielded after the equipment has compounded. For example, if the source equipment is a head slot item, then the yielded equipment will be a head slot item too. The item to be compounded cannot be more than -5 levels compared with the source equipment, otherwise the equipment compound cannot be performed.

Better items will yield even better items after equipment compounding. For example, if you compound four Common items, then you will be likely to gain a Common item. If you compound four Solid items, then you will gain a Solid item or even a Delicate one.

The stats displayed in green will be changed completely at random after equipment compounding. If you compound four Common items that all possess three types of Green stats, you may gain a Solid item that possesses three types of Green stats or even a Common item that possesses no Green stats. In a word, you will understand the phrase that “risks always comes with benefits” more deeply after trying equipment compounding.

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