GodsWar Online: Latest Patch Adds Pets, Events and More

The latest version of IGG’s GodsWar Online is now live. Version 1.0.237 introduces the new pet system, some special events, class balancing and other changes.
New pet system added
The new system adds many cool new functions such as pet enhancing, merging, transferring and more. The item mall is stocked with items to help players train their pets in whatever way best fits their play style.
Zeus’ Gift Event begins
This event focuses on the idea of giving, and in return players can receive EXP, talent points and valuable items.
Event launched
In connection with this event, the Nameplate Claiming and Renewing functions have been added. Players can trade nameplates for EXP and talent points.
Equipment Stats Enhanced
Lower than Epic quality or Grade 10 equipment items have had their stats enhanced.
Classes Balanced
A number of class skills have been adjusted to create a more balanced gaming environment.
In addition, players who have reached Level 120 are temporarily restricted from leveling up, but they can accumulate EXP for later use once the level cap is removed.

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