GodsWar Online Marriage System Debut

GodsWar Online Marriage System Debut
To celebrate the arrival of 2010, GodsWar Online has introduced the long-awaited Marriage System! The brand-new system has been opened on December 30th.
How to Get Married- Exploration of Pan’s Labyrinth
After applying with Cupid, the loving couple needs to travel through Pan’s Labyrinth hand-in-hand for the love testament- Trumpet Shell Necklace. This will then be seen as the qualification to a grand wedding. When the romantic music drifts gently through the air and the toasts commence, Cupid will set off loads of fancy fireworks for the newly-weds.

GodsWar Online - Get Married at the Cupid NPC


At the wedding venue, the betrothed couple have the chance to give their guests a red envelope, which can be gained by talking to Wedding Priest.
How to Divorce: Shadow of Cupid
Not all marriages end well. That’s when we need Shadow of Cupid, the divorce NPC who can help you get out of a broken relationship.

GodsWar Online - Get Divorced at the Cupid's Shadow NPC

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