GodsWar Online: New Battlefield System

Stirring PvP, fabulous rewards, glory beyond the ken of the average mortal: all of these can be found in the Battlefields of IGG’s GodsWar Online. Improving upon the old system, the new Battlefields offer three main features outlined below to help you achieve victory and show off your combat prowess.
Four Methods to Earn Points
The faction that earns the most points will be proclaimed the winner, thus it is crucial to master all four methods: kill opposing players, kill monsters, kill bosses, and exchange items. Various monsters are distributed across the Battlefield, and they are not so easy to defeat.
Take Advantage of Items
Monsters are likely to drop Life Essence when they are attacked. If you make full use of the item, you will reap great benefits. Players can exchange Life Essence for Holy Water, which can be turned in for points at the altar. Life Essence can also be exchanged for a strong fighting buff, which will help players snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
Three Types of Rewards
There is no joy greater than victory over your enemies. Battlefield winners will earn Experience, Talent Points, and Reputation. Exp will help in leveling, Talent Points will improve your skill, and Reputation can be exchanged for valuable E-Gold. All three will greatly aid your character’s development.
Forewarned is forearmed. Take this knowledge and use it to prove your mettle on the Battlefields, and perhaps even the gods will one day fear your name.

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