GodsWar Online: NPC Preview

GodsWar Online http://gw.igg.com is set in the Demigod Age of Greek mythology and most of the NPCs are also from that same age, with each NPC representing a particular culture. NPC, which is short for Non Player Character, is an indispensable component of any game.

Many heroes of Greek mythology are NPCs for GodsWar Online. Because the game doesn’t focus on a specific year, some famous Greek heroes of different eras are able to get together in the mythological world. These notable NPCs include Heracles, the Athenian King Theseus, Jason and his wife Medea, and also some famous characters from the Trojan War including Helen, Agamemnon, Achilles, and Odysseus. These characters are in different cities throughout the game. Players can meet them in each city while traveling the world and learn all kinds of skills and magic from them.

The number of NPCs is countless. There are service NPCs, special NPCs, monsters and so on. Meeting and greeting these NPCs will be a lot of fun!
This is only a brief introduction of the NPCs within GodsWar, more exciting details will be released as they become available. For more information regarding this game please visit the official forum at http://gw.igg.com

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