GodsWar Online: Open Beta Starts on April 9th

The official team of GodsWar Online is proud to announce the launch of the Open Beta test at 10:00am April 9th EDT (GMT-4).
Over the past few months, they have been busy updating GodsWar Online constantly, from version 1.0.188 to the latest version 1.0.202, and working hard to tackle the various problems that popped up as well as adjusting the games balance and environment.
For the Open Beta they will be using version 1.0.203. The latest version features a brand-new pet system and their Easter event. In the meantime, a new server, as well as all the celebratory events that go with it, will be released.
In addition, the developers are continuing to improve the game with new functions and new systems, such as the upcoming Constellation System.
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