GodsWar Online Quest Preview

Since GodsWar Online—http://gw.igg.com official site has released a series of preview contents, including background, class system and some other characteristic system. Here GodsWar online is pleased to present the quest system.

In GodsWar, players can experience the Greek Mythology world through a primary quest and given quests.

Primary Quest
It tells the story of a Titan Conspiracy; the players of Athens and Sparta will go through two epic stories differently. The two stories have many joints that let players of different factions realize Titan Conspiracy from different perspectives.

Given Quest
Players can obtain money, experience and reputation by completing the given quests and uncovering the mystery gradually. Furthermore, players can also complete the given quests in the form of a team. Most given quests are based on the famous stories of Greek Mythology. While playing, players can get a further understanding of Greek Mythology and enjoy GodsWar Online better as well.

All kinds of quests will help players understand the game worldview, learn the operations and improve themselves. Want to know more, please pay close attention to our official site at

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