GodsWar Online: Trading System Guide

Have you ever dreamed of being a billionaire? Are you a successful business man in game? Today GodsWar Online team talks more about the secret of being rich in GodsWar.
I. Trade with Players
1 Click the target player and choose “Trade”.
2. Drag the item you want to trade and input the selling price.
3. After both sides have confirmed it, the deal is done and cannot be changed.
4. Bound items cannot be traded.
II. Set a stall
All players are able to further promote their items by setting up a stall. It is highly recommended that they do this in the densely inhabited districts.
1. Click the “Set Stall” button on the Bag panel.
2. A stall interface will pop up; drag items into it and set their selling prices. You can also click Offload Items to cancel a previous action.
3. Give your stall an attractive name to draw the customer’s eyes and click Show Items to begin selling goods.
4. Bound items cannot be sold on a stall, your character cannot move from that position until you wind up your stall.
5. The stall name will be displayed above your character’s head. Other players may view and purchase goods simply by clicking on the stall name.
III.  to NPCs
Selling items to the system’s merchants is yet another way to earn money.
1. Almost all items can be sold to the system’s merchants. Items cannot be reclaimed once you decide to sell them, so please think carefully before confirming the deal.
2. You can also choose to purchase various skill books, potions, equipment and other essential items from these merchants.
3. However, the more valuable items, like gems, materials and so on, must be bought from the Item Mall.
4. In the meantime, players can also buy precious items in the E-Gold Shop with E-Gold, but all of these items are bound and may not be re-sold.
IV.   Deposit in Storage
Warehouse managers are distributed around each city and newbie village. Players may deposit and draw their surplus items and money there for free.
1. Both bound and unbound items can be deposited in the storage facilities.
2. However, Silver, Gold and E-Gold may not be deposited there.  It is too valuable.
3. The system will place any rewards into the Reward column from there they may be drawn out only. No rewards may be deposited in the column.
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