GodsWar Online: Two Hostile Factions

IGG has released new details about the two hostile factions in GodsWar Online.

Athens and Sparta are two hostile factions present in GodsWar Onine. Players have to choose a side when creating characters. The Athenians worship Athena and give their city a name deriving from Athena, while the Spartans are much braver under the protection of Ares. The 300 Spartan warriors at the Battle of Thermopylae fully proved this point.

Players in different factions can launch PK. As there are a large number of Greek cities in the game, players can participate in the battle between poleis for a city, or take control of the city through investment or war. Controlling a city will give the relevant players a lot of extra privileges.

Players make a certain contribution to their polis, through which they will obtain corresponding titles. High titles will grant players additional rewards. To make the faction system a little bit more interesting, the game contains different quests for different factions. Thus, besides killing opponents, players can also increase their contribution by completing quests.

In the GodsWar faction, players may experience PK and duels, or enjoy battles among thousands of parties.

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