GodsWar Online: Upgraded Pet system

Several weeks ago, GodsWar development team has released a wonderful Dev Journal on the unique pet system. But with the release of the new version, pets are going to own many new powers. Well, take a look at today’s press release.
Pet Stats in GodsWar:
Level: With this, pets will get an extra ability upgrade.
Rank: Reflects the pet’s stand or fall. As the rank increases, the pets skill will obtain more bonuses.
Savvy: There are 6 savvy values, Agility, Strength, Accuracy, Technique, Wisdom, and Lucky Degree.
Growth: As soon as pets are born, they will have special stats. The higher the growth value, the higher the abilities the pet will obtain when upgrading.
Genius: Pets with genius have some really unique powers.
Skill: This pet skill will enable you to get extra bonuses.
Special Genius: Pet and Character’s Combination
This is the special genius of the pets. If players have this kind of pet, they can combine the character with their pet. In this combined state, their abilities will be enhanced quickly. Also they will have a beautiful appearance and special effects.
Genius: Recover Automatically
Each pet has the duty to protect the character. It will recover HP and MP of the character when they are consumed. The higher the level of the pet and the character, the more HP and MP will be recovered.
Genius: Work
Do pets get lazy? Possibly, but if you notice your pet hasn’t been doing their fair share of the heavy lifting, then you can ask them to do some jobs just by spending some silver coins or Gold. Also pets with genius can be sent out to do some work. Even players who are Offline can also obtain a lot of EXP and Talent points easily during the pets working time.
Genius: Send Quest
Players will find the Send Quest button below the quest menu (shortcut Q). Send the pet to do quests and then get the rewards directly. After the quests are completed, the pets will come back to their host.
Function: Soul Contract
Players can sign a Soul Contract with their pet which will enhance their pet’s ability fast. Signing the contract means the pet will belong to players all the time, and it is untradeable.
Function: Aggregate
Aggregate requires players to have a major pet and a deputy. Sacrifice the deputy to enhance the major pet’s savvy.
Function: Reincarnation
If pets level up to the upper limit, players can reincarnate them to increase their growth. But, after reincarnation, pets will return to a Level 1 baby pet.

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