GodsWar Online: Your Name, Remembered

The GodsWar Online Alpha Test has been successfully launched! Want to be a part of this special time in GodsWar development? Remembered forever as one who was there in the beginning? Making the following contributions may earn you a place in the history of GodsWar.

  1. Find valuable bugs
  2. Put forward important suggestions
  3. Become a PK King
  4. Have eye-catching gear

All of these grant you the great honor of having your name scrawled on the GodsWar scroll of fame. Your name will be left for others to marvel at on the NPC list or even carved on a monument. Imagine how cool that would be! Go down in history with Gods War Online!

The GodsWar Alpha Test is on going and free Activation Codes are being given out. Please click http://www.onrpg.com/MMO/event/Gods-War-Alpha-Test-Code-Give-Away to claim one of these codes and join in the fun.

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