GodsWar Online: Zodiac System Debut

The new Zodiac System has been launched in GodsWar Online. Under the influence of their chosen sign, players can receive powerful bonuses, ranging from EXP and talent boosts to improved skills and faster advancement. Below is the guide to use the Zodiac System.
Choosing the Ideal Zodiac
Players choose a zodiac when they create their character. Each sign corresponds to different qualities. Players are allowed one chance to reselect their zodiac after character creation, so they should choose carefully.
Advancement Made Easy
Under the Zodiac System, players can collect zodiac energy to raise their zodiac levels, which increases the accumulation of EXP and talent points. The more energy they collect, the more EXP and talent points players will gain from quests, defeating monsters, or EXP and Talent Stones. As their zodiac level grows, players will improve their chances of receiving bonus rewards.
Energy Compensation
When players wait more than a day before next logging in, or have been logged in for less than one hour during the day, they will be compensated with an extra hour worth of zodiac energy. In this way, players can continue to improve their characters even if they must spend more time offline than they would like.
Skill Training and Attribute Gains
Both offensive and defensive skills can be trained and improved via the Zodiac System. Players may choose to strengthen two of their attack skills and two defensive skills that weaken enemy attacks. The skill improvements help characters deal more damage and survive longer in battle.

Gods War Zodiac

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