Good and Evil must Unite in City of Heroes Issue 19!

Good and Evil must Unite in City of Heroes Issue 19!
The Heroes and Villains of Earth will harness all new powers in their fight against an invasion that only the most powerful players can thwart.


Paragon Studios and NCSoft today are announcing the release of City of Heroes Issue 19: Alpha Strike!


City of Heroes


This is the first game update since the premiere of City of Heroes: Going Rogue/Issue 18 in August. Issue 19 builds on what was created in Praetoria and also features the launch of the Incarnate system for high end players, previously held out of the Going Rogue launch so it could be properly tweaked.


From later today City of Heroes will now feature:


The Alpha Slot: The first part of the new Incarnate system for high level players. This is the beginning for characters at level 50 on  their journey to even greater power.

Two New Task Forces: Apex and Tin Mage Mk II have been sighted in the Rikti War Zone working with Vanguard to deal with the Praetorians.  Having begun their invasion of Primal Earth in Going Rogue, protecting Paragon City and the Rogue Isles from such overwhelming forces requires more than any hero or villain has ever given before. Consider unlocking your incarnate abilities before taking the battle to Praetoria.

Three New Praetorian Zone Events: Allowing players to take part in three new world events that ultimately determine how the story will unfold, and allow players to earn new rewards.

Inherent Fitness Pool Powers: In a major quality of life improvement, the Fitness Pool Powers will now be granted to all new and existing characters starting from Level 2.

Alternate Power Animations: Giving players the option of being able to customize the animation for some of the blast sets.

And much more: Collect new Exploration Badges, experience Merged Monorails and Ferries, Mission Architect Enhancements and two new free Auras including Snow and Fireflies.


Suffice to say this is the first step, both with the Incarnate system and building on the new lore brought in through City Of Heroes: Going Rogue. Are you prepared to take it?

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