gPotato, the Race to 5 Million Users!

Gala-Net, Inc.’s game portal, gPotato, is quickly coming up on their 5 Millionth user. With a little over 3 years under its belt, the gPotato Game Portal has launched a total of six successful titles; amassing a community of 5,000,000 online game enthusiasts in the North American market.
To celebrate this landmark, gPotato plans on providing its 5 Millionth user with a year’s worth of free gPotatoes (the portal currency). In addition to being showered in gPotatoes, the 5 Millionth user will receive endless game swag from all game titles in the gPotato portal, ranging from iPods, posters, down to everyday items like pens and mouse pads. A little thank you for from everyone on the gPotato team!
Gala-Net launched the gPotato Gaming Portal in the U.S. at the end of 2005, with its flagship title, FlyFF (Fly For Fun).  As Flyff continues to soar in the MMO space, gPotato built its portal with games of varying features and attributes appealing to different types of gamers within the community. Rappelz draws in older male gamers with its hard core features, while Luna’s cutesy art style and social features draws in a more balanced female audience. And while gPotato’s main focus is MMO games, its consortium includes the fun and casual racing adventure game, Tales Runner, and the high octane combat thrill ride in Upshift StrikeRacer. With the success of its diverse portfolio, Gala-Net expects the gPotato Game Portal to continue to grow exponentially in the coming years.
“I am excited that our community has grown so quickly in such a short period of time. The 5 Millionth user marks a major milestone for us. As gPotato continues to grow, we are able to further our goal of providing quality entertaining games to gamers in the North American market. With 2 new blockbusters, Allods and Aika, set to launch by end of this year-we anticipate the gPotato Game Portal to explode in 2010!” Jikhan Jung, CEO
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