Granado Espada Europe: Armonia Episode 5 Updated

German-based MMOG publisher, EuroGameZ GmbH would like to announce that they are updating Granado Espada Europe with Armonia 5 Episode and the great Weapon System Change on February 24th.

Armonia Episode 5 will update contents for new characters, maps, quests and missions just like other previous Episodes and the Gamer can challenge for new gear within this Episode. This is the final Armonia Episode and the new story line of contents updates will be followed. This update gives a dramatic change of Granado Espada Weapon System. This Weapon System change will give the gamer easier access to new weapons and more materials to create weapons by gamers.

To celebrate these changes, EuroGameZ will be updating tons of game content including valuable free item events for the game. Some of the changes can be found below:

Armonia Episode 5 Scenario quests will be added
New Characters of Saint, Anis and Van will be added
New Dungeons of Armonia El Adio and Armonia El Soltado
New Missions of ‘Ruler of Anger’ and ‘First Darkness’
Santo De Blanc Musketeer and Santuario Metal Armor will be added
Weapon System Change on main structure and easier access for Gears
Many Events

Gamers can check out the changes and new features at

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