Grand Chase: Heroes Invites All Aboard a Hellish Ride

Grand Chase : Heroes Invites All Aboard a Hellish Ride



Grand Chase: Heroes is giving players a new challenge with the release of the much-anticipated Monster Train 301 dungeon. Check out their teaser trailer to get a taste of what awaits you once stepping on board! Every day they log in, players will receive three Monster Train 301 Passenger Tickets, which is the only way to access the new dungeon. The dungeon will come in four difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, Very Hard and Hell Mode. The ultra-challenging last level of difficulty, Hell Mode, will be introduced for play on May 9. With each increased level of difficulty come increased rewards. Clearing the Monster Train 301 dungeon will give players random loot which includes Monster Train Attendant Uniform Chests and the Pet Casey Bones Cards. The event ends on Tuesday, May 22.



Grand Chase: Heroes is a side-scrolling action MMORPG that allows up to six players to battle monsters in dungeons, or face off against other gamers in combat. Adventurers can engage in team battle and survival modes of gameplay, with each type supporting both tag and item matches.

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