Grand Fantasia Launches New Server

AeriaGames has announced the launch of a new server for their popular (MMORPG), Grand Fantasia. The name of new world is “Siropas”, which was voted by the game’s community.  Aeria is celebrating the occasion by rewarding the first ten players of each class (80 in all) to reach level 35 on the new server with 1,000 Aeria Points (AP).
Set in a beautiful and carefully crafted world, Grand Fantasia offers players a variety of features new to the MMO genre, including an innovative pet management and crafting system. Players can customize their pets; control their moods and relationship scores; and use them to gather resources, craft items, and salvage objects for parts. For players seeking a more action-oriented experience, the game offers player-versus player (PvP) combat, team-based battlefields, massive dungeons, and epic world bosses.
For more information about Grand Fantasia, players are encouraged to visit the official website.

Welcome to the New Server of Grand Fantasia
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