Grand Fantasia Releases World PvP

Grand Fantasia Releases World PvP



Aeria Games has just opened a new server along with releasing one of the biggest content patches ever for Grand Fantasia.


The third server includes two regular channels and one PvP channel that will give players the option of starting fresh. With the launch of the new server also comes a massive content patch that introduces World PvP to Grand Fantasia.


New content included in this patch:


Introduction of World PvP – Players now have the option to duke it out amongst each other with the introduction of World PvP. Gain exclusive “PK Club” fame points that are redeemable for “PvP rewards.”


Additional Maps, Dungeons and Instances – Visit the “Nightmare Corridors,” a 2-player instanced dungeon with over 30 floors that will keep players on their feet.


Level Cap Raise –Players now have the ability to achieve up to level 85 especially with the help of additional dungeons and instances in game.


New “Looking for Party” Function – If players had trouble finding partners to complete quests there is now an option to “Auto Party” in-game that will allow players an easier method to team play.


New Ultimate System – The new Ultimate System allows players to upgrade their stats with the help of the Guardians of Saphael.



As an added bonus, the battlefield times have been adjusted to better meet player demands. Guild wars have also been reset so now is the time to start preparing to utilize the new Ultimate System to capitalize on never before realized power!

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