GRIP: Combat Racing Big Ass Update Released

GRIP Big Ass Update

GRIP: Combat Racing has hit players on PS4 and Xbox One today with its “Big Ass Update,” with Switch players soon to get the same treatment. This update includes an overhaul of the game’s lobby, matchmaking, AI, and catch-up system.

Some of the highlights of this update include:

  • Lobby overhauled with new simplified voting mechanics and count down timer
  • Catch-up assistance has been rebalanced and can be toggled during the game’s campaign
  • AI bot vehicles are now selected to be comparable to the player’s vehicle
  • “View to a kill” battle arena is now rebalanced and redesigned
  • “Magmatic Core” battle arena now has speed-pads and has been redesigned to prevent insta-death
  • Improvements to various tracks’ collisions and performance
  • Improved missile targeting when the target is maneuvering hard
  • Improved missile guidance – missiles now avoid the floor much more often when launching

You can find the full patch notes at the Wired Productions blog.

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