Grow Up With Your Pet

When I was still newbie in Elf Online ( I always wonder how to chose a good pet. And I am here to share all my experience of choosing pet. A pet in Elf Online ( is best for assisting the master. That’s why I think no matter which job your character is; assist pet is always the number 1 choice.

A assist type pet can heal the master, this skill is very useful (this skill can buy from pet npc), during a battle with other players its very hard for them to kill someone if they gets heal every time the hp goes down. And that isn’t the only skill for assist pet, another good skill can make a character in your team absorb a percentage of damage to your hp. Imagine fighting someone that heals automatically when you hit them? These two skills makes the character almost impossible to die already. A assist pet also have a skill that doesn’t require any sp and can heal the master every few seconds. If you are thinking of killing the pet first, I want to remind you, a assist pet have A LOT of hp, before you can kill the pet the master already killed you

A soldier pet is my second choice, the best thing I found about a soldier pet is that the pet can revive itself or revive the master when the master dies. This skill is super good, imagine if you try to kill someone, when he/she dies, he/she gets revived right away and you have to kill him/her again and by the time you can kill him/her, she/he would already killed you.

Those two type of pet will be my best choice. Of course there are many other good skills for these two pet which will take me years to talk about.

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