GSTAR 2010 Underway – Updates!

GSTAR 2010 Underway – Updates!

We’re at GSTAR 2010 in South Korea, it’s an exciting time which will for sure harbor tons of new information on the upcoming eastern MMOs. We’ll be updating this page with new images and information as they come in!


Blade and Soul GSTAR 2010



 OnRPG Gstar Day 2   OnRPG Gstar Day 2  Ghost Watch GSTar Footage


CJ Internet:

Uncharted Waters will get a big update with lots of fresh content next month, keep an eye on the Uncharted Profile for news on this next week.


Prius Online is now confirmed for a launch in 2011!


Cabal2 is in Alpha. The OnRPG team saw some really early footage from the game and we heard some of the ideas the team at Estsoft is putting into the game. We’re not yet allowed to disclose these features but trust us when we say that we were thoroughly impressed.



Asta is looking stunning and it’s interesting to see that NHN is so adamant about the fact that Asta will _not_ be “another standard Asian 3 Kingdoms MMO”. The game has the Buddhist religion as a red thread and although it will feature a (stunning) cartoony look. The Cry2 engine really shines in this game, the concept art and the real in game shots are practically identical!

The game will aim for Open Beta towards the end of 2010 so we’ll need quite a bit of patience before we can really play it.


World of Warcraft Booth GSTAR 2010



Astra OnRPG


Blade and Soul MMO

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