Guide to Nature Human

Acquirement is the foundations of armor equip and weapon usage. The equipment require the special acquirement (often called skill) to enable you equip them. E.g.: if you want to equip a shield, then you need to learn the Basic shield tech.

The nature human is born with Armor Capacitance tech. electromagnetic radar tech, laser weapon tech matrix tech, this means that the human have no need to put their acquirement point on these skills.
Everyone can gain two acquirement points when he gets a level up. The human race needs to take the priority of equipping the Body, engine, and weapon first. So he needs to arrange his acquirement points on matrix tech armor drive and primary laser weapon skill. Then he needs to consider of the electromagnetic radar tech for head, armor drive tech for the leg, armor shield tech for shield and armor electronic tech for control-cabin, finally, the armor capacitance tech for the chipset. As to other skill, there is no need to waste your skill points. You need to upgrade your tech according to the combination of your armor. The best idea is spend no skill points before you get a perfect armor, and arrange your skill point according to the armor requirement.

The Nature Human is good at repairing skill. Generally, the human race always act like a healthier or a buffer, as in a battle you always need the doctors and nurses. The nature human is the leader of a raid team. Anyway, you can also build up your human character as a warrior, as the human weapon can cause area damage in one time.

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