Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition Sells Out

Guild Wars 2 Digital Edition Sells Out as Major Beta Weekend Begins


Feel the Rage Procrastinators!


News was posted earlier this morning that Guild Wars 2’s North American edition has officially sold out of their digital copy. It’s arguable whether this is more due to a marketing scheme or the rush to gain access to upcoming beta tests but one thing is for sure, it makes for some good bragging rights! Also for those lucky enough to get into this weekend’s test, you can rest assured that it will be a smooth and lag free experience thanks to ArenaNet’s foresight into their server capabilities at this time.



Speaking of this weekend’s beta, our own Hhean, Mikedot, and Spunkify will be chilling in-game preparing videos and write-ups of their impressions of the game. If you’re looking for people from the OnRPG community to partner up with, be sure to visit our IGN thread and start making plans!

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