Gunz and Soldier Front: New Servers

Players of two popular titles on NHN USA’s renowned portal are benefitting from some major update news.  Gunz the Duel, where outlaws and bounty hunters battle it out in a world of fantasy merged with industry, and Soldier Front, a modern military First-Person Shooter (FPS) game, both have new servers on the East Coast of the United States to further the speed and accessibility to the games’ players. 
Gunz the Duel launches players into a world where fantasy and magic meet the industrial revolution. In the ruins of decades of war between the Republic and the Empire, treasure seekers, bounty hunters and rogue explorers use stealth, magic and cunning wiles to sneak across the border on various quests of pillage and capture. 
Soldier Front is’s action packed answer to a modern warfare FPS.  Take on the likeness of various special forces unit leaders, such as SAS, Seal, Delta Force and more and implement distinctive task force strategy found in today’s modern combat.
Players of both games have immediate access to the new servers, providing visual guides to help gamers find the one closest to their location. 
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