GunZ: The Duel Brings New Adventures

Outlaws and bounty hunters will scramble to survive with the recent update to’s popular, multi-player online third-person shooting game (MOTPS) GunZ: The Duel. Today the fast and furious action game introduced its latest gameplay mode, called survival mode, giving both loyal players and newcomers to the 8 million-strong hardcore gaming portal a new challenge: The most basic game of survival.
“This highly anticipated update will give even the savviest of GunZ’s players a thrilling and demanding new test of their endurance and skill,” said Philip Yun, CEO, NHN USA, which hosts  “We know our community and the brave explorers of GunZ depend on frequent and exciting updates to the portal and its games.  After all, where is the challenge in a world or map you know inside out?  As gamers ourselves, we get it – we keep things fresh.”
The new survival mode pits players against three novel and ominous bosses who employ creative means to thwart players’ very survival.  The mode also features 20 different unpredictable scenarios, each with an impressive 100 rounds, leaving even the savviest and strongest gamer begging for respite. Before a triumphant advance to the next round, players must first defeat the monstrous final boss, which grows stronger and gains skill as the player progresses through proceeding levels.
GunZ is a MOTPS set in a world where fantasy and magic meet the progress of the industrial revolution.  Treasure seekers, bounty hunters and rogue explorers use stealth, magic and cunning as they face notorious outlaws and bounty hunters in non-stop adventures across the Empire and the Republic, two previously warring nations.  In a world enjoying a rare and recent emergence of peace, players engage in a wide range of game modes – including intense deathmatch, berserker deathmatch, team deathmatch, assassination, duel and survival mode – and story-heavy quests and missions. GunZ offers players non-stop action in a community-centric environment highlighted with deep character customization and progression.

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