Halloween-Event in Runes of Magic

Server-stress-test and ingame-event for fantasy-MMOG

Today Frogster will start the first big server stress test for Runes of Magic. For this event, the Berlin based publisher has invited around 30,000 interested players to the already running closed beta. After a server maintenance during the course of the afternoon, all players are called upon from 8pm to 3am to bring the server under as heavy load as possible. The second big stress test will follow next Saturday and is divided into several phases.

Simultaneously, the beta testers will get a first glimpse of the event system in Runes of Magic. Just in time for the Halloween weekend, they will be greeted by grim pumpkin heads, singing ghosts, monster parades and specially designed landscapes. Interested players can take part in special Halloween quests, fight together against the big pumpkin or turn into monsters themselves by drinking certain potions. Those so called “seasonal events” are not only a feast for the eyes, but a lot of Non Playing Characters (NPCs) are explaining, why the special activity is actually taking place. The next big event is already being planned for Christmas.

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