Halloween Online Events Are On This Weekend!

Halloween is the most enjoyable holiday of the year. No matter how old you are, you just can’t help but get into the Halloween spirit! With the exception of Thanksgiving, this is the last of the year’s harvest festivals. The crops are in, and it’s time to relax and prepare for the coming winter ahead. The idea of playing tricks is not a malicious one, but just as a way of having a bit of lighthearted fun before the long dark winter settles in.

This year, Eudemons Online decides to celebrate Halloween with all the Eudemons Online players. Now we launch a series of Halloween online events which are “Punch the Pumpkin”, “Live Items”, “Trick or Treat” and “Answer Ghost’s Questions” to celebrate the festival this weekend. Ghosts and spirits emerge out from the lower world to visit Yartland. Halloween online events are the climax of a whole Month of celebrations. The gate to hell is opened at midnight, and ghosts swarm into the world of human beings in search of food and money. You can collect special materials dropped by monsters and pumpkins to fulfill the quest and exchange them for rewards. Kill the monsters and enjoy the feast of all saints!

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