Heroes Charge will join Super Bowl Sunday Ads

Heroes CHarge Super Bowl

uCool has revealed today that it will be promoting Heroes Charge with a 15 second commercial during the Super Bowl on February 1, joining some of the advertising giants on game day. You can catch the commercial early below!

Tony Cerrato, uCool’s Marketing Officer, commented, “In our Big Game spot, we really wanted to show off our colorful characters and appeal to a wide range of users because our player base is evenly split 50/50 between genders, and includes a mix of casual and hardcore gamers. We hope every future player will see something they like in our commercial.”

Heroes Charge has been impressively successful since its launch in October 2014, with millions of installations and players, and topping the charts in the Apple App Store worldwide and sitting at the third top grossing RPG in Google Play’s US market. uCool attributes this success to quality game design, a focus on customers, and a different approach to the freemium game model.

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