Heroes of Newerth Cthulhuphant Released

Heroes of Newerth Cthulhuphant Patch Released

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-In-Chief


It’s a dark day in Heroes of Newerth indeed. The ancient evil known as Cthulhuphant has emerged from the darkest jungles to bring its own brand of terror upon all who oppose it. He is a strength focused hero with starting stats of 24Str, 16Agi, and 20Int.



Cthulhuphant is specialized for jungling. Using his Hook’em skill he can turn foes into frontal facing shields while gaining easy gold. This makes him an incredibly fast leveler early game and, combined with Trample, allows Cthulhuphant to rush around the map to initiate horrifying ganks. Let’s take a look at his skills in greater detail:



Trample: Cthulhuphant charges forward, trampling enemy heroes and shooting weaker foes forward as projectiles. These projectiles can stun enemy heroes for up to 2.25 seconds and deal small amounts of damage.


Hook’Em: Cthulhuphant gores an enemy unit with his tusks and uses their corpse as a shield. This shield only deflects enemy that hits Cthulhuphant from the front. The shield duration depends on the amount of total HP to gored target has.


Mortifying Presence: Nearby enemies are mortified by Cthulhuphant’s sinister aura, and their fear heightens when he kills something. This lowers their attack speed and movement speed. If he kills a unit then the effect is doubled for 10 seconds. If he kills a hero, the effect triples!


Obliterate: Cthulhuphant unleashes hellish fury from his many trunks, shooting out a salvo of giant evil beams in front of him in pulses. He shoots a total of 5 beams, one at a time, in the direction he is facing.




In addition to the new hero, Heroes of Newerth has tweaked the UI to making warning spam less prevalent. An important bug fix to Kongor’s Pit skill should ensure a bit more accuracy for Kongor players. Never played Heroes of Newerth? It’s F2P now so why not hop in and Give It a Try.

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