Heroes of Newerth Midas Patch Released

Heroes of Newerth Patch 2.1.8 – Midas



The newest hero to join the ranks of Heroes of Newerth’s Legion was released today, King Midas. Just as in the popular fairy tale, in HoN Midas specializes in using alchemy and golden magic to battle his foes. Midas specializes in ranged dps and is a strength centric hero, despite his caster-like skill set.




Golden Salvo: Midas throws five flasks in a straight line, each exploding with a rather large aoe blast. Each flask deals additional magic damage and slows an opponent by 10% for each flask that makes contact. This skill is exceptionally useful for stopping a fleeing enemy.


Lion’s Pride: This acts as Midas’ support skill, sending a golden lion roaring to a target location while healing all allies in comes in contact with. At the destination the Lion will explode, dealing aoe magic damage to all foes nearby, with more magic damage being dealt based on how many units the Lion healed on the way to its destination.


Elemental Warp: Midas teleports up to 700 distance away from his current location, dealing magic damage to enemies near the starting and landing location. During teleportation he is invulnerable for 0.5s, making this an exceptional defensive ability.


Transmute: Midas passively gains ability cooldown for each level of Transmute learned. When activated, Midas mixes Reagents into his spells. Should 2 spells hit the same target within 3 seconds of each other, the Reagents mix, sealing the opponent in solid gold for 2 seconds and dealing bonus magic damage.



Midas appears to be an excellent addition to the game, offering players immense utility between ranged damage, high utility, and powerful CC. Numerous bug fixes were also addressed in the patch resolving issues with Dampeer, Geomancer, Magmus, and the Monkey King.


Heroes of Newerth is now a free to play game available for windows, Mac, and Linux. If you are looking for a MOBA with teeth and immense rewards for those dedicated to mastering it, look no further than Heroes of Newerth.

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