High Street 5: Lovers on Wheels!

The latest update of High Street 5 arrives with yet two other eye-catching mounts – the classic bicycle and the kid-fun mini-tricycle.
These rider-powered transport means are now the hippest accessories among the eco and fashion conscious and they have been increasingly featured along with models off duty in fashion blogs. We understand that no fashionista in HighStreet 5 want to miss out on this next big thing, so if you are ready, you are in for a fashion fun ride! You also could invite another player or your lover for a ride with you. Conversely, a player can also request a ride with you. So you should try your best to get agreement from other players!
Of course, when the bicycle or tricycle is no longer needed, simply right click on them and then Place at home.

High Street 5 - Bicycle.jpg alt tag: High Street 5 - Wheels!

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