Holiday Gaming Memories


The holidays are coming up! Both Holidays, even. Though I’m more of a Hanukkah kind of guy, my family gets together for both holidays, because we’re not all Jewish. Most of us are, but you know, any excuse to get together with lots of food and gift giving. But I nonetheless have a ton of fond gaming memories, games I’ve been given, et cetera from the holidays of years past! I haven’t had any in quite a while, but in my youth there are an absolute host of them, most of them being Nintendo/Super Nintendo related. What about you guys? What fond childhood memories of video games really take you back, and make you smile?

  • 1: The NES.  Duh, of course it is. I got it the year it came out, with a great deal of guile, duplicity, and begging [mostly begging] that I would probably perish without it. And I did get it! They called my bluff and I lived on! Many of the games I received for it were phenomenal. It changed my life, and set me on a path that would ultimately lead me here.
  • 2: Super Mario 3: Probably one of the greatest games of all time/probably the greatest platformer of all time. Getting Super Mario Bros. 3 made me intensely happy. This was back before all I played were RPGs. At the time I didn’t even own one! I didn’t acquire one until I came back to Jacksonville, and a friend gave me their free copy of Dragon Warrior. I’ll get into that later.
  • Donkey Kong Country: Not only did I acquire it for the holidays, but I also had the limited edition DKC shirt, and it was huge on me! But damn it was amazing, and I can’t think of too many platformers that had more gorgeous and immersive graphics/music. I felt like I was really in the jungle. And the final stage music though. . .
  • Dragon Warrior: My first RPG! When I moved back to Jacksonville in the fourth grade, a newly made friend in my neighborhood didn’t want the game, and it came free in Nintendo Power. So he gave me his copy, and someone else gave me theirs as well. I really fell in love with the simple way they presented the story, and exploring, learning, and growing more and more powerful. This is really where I fell in love with fantasy stories/games. So, thanks to that friend. I may forget their name, but I will never forget what they did for me.

What about you guys? Great titles that you received for the holidays/you bought for yourself? It’s the holidays, so let’s try and be positive! What makes you smile about the holiday season, gaming related?

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