Hottest Feedback From Voyage Century Forum

The first activity of valentine’s series in Voyage Century, Originality Collecting activity, launched on Jan. 25th, received lots of wonderful originalities from enthusiastic players. We are deeply impressed by the passion from players and moved by their stories which tell us what real love is.
Here is an excellent work from the forum:

Do you know what love is?
Have you ever felt that your life was complete?
Were you ever loved by someone?
Well, I’m warning you this, you’re only happy in life once.
Then, you live all the other days remembering how happy you were.
I was his, body and soul, including the heart that he broke himself.

Another Valentine’s Day

"Another year, it’s Valentine’s Day
It saddens me, you’re not here
I wish things were the old way
Was what I had to say so hard to hear?"

"I didn’t think you wouldn’t stay
But you knew it from the very start
Now you’re gone, you’re far away
And we’ll forever be apart"

"Yes, go out, and say
Say that I cried
That I couldn’t live a day
Say that I died"

"And as the time goes by
There’s no one else that I miss
I think of you and try not to cry
Cause my broken heart will never be fixed"

"My love for you was true
You promised you wouldn’t be mean
There was nothing we couldn’t go trough
My hope is also true, but not seen"

"Then if the wind brings you back to me
It will be because I made you see
That you and me
Are just meant to be…"

Based on that, my valentine’s day is not going to be sad, though. I probably will spend it playing, and if he comes back to me, maybe happy again!

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